The Dicey Rabble


The Dicey Rabble is a Table-Top Role-Playing Game podcast focused on collaborative storytelling. This was also a graduation project and during the project, I researched how TTRPGs can benefit mental health. TTRPGs proved to be extremely useful in helping development, from understanding social situations to realising you don't have to do everything yourself and can rely on others for help. It also showed to help with anxiety, depression, loneliness, confidence, and even PTSD in some cases. 


The first season focuses on the story of a group of adventurers travelling through the Elysium Empire, a country in the world of Eres. The adventurers investigated the strange happenings in the lands as they take on jobs from the Elysian Army. From dancing with dastardly bandits to tangoing with terrifying monsters, the adventures used their strengths to gain the advantage. 


I, Morgan, am a Creative Business student which has worked in storytelling, story world building, podcasts, radio hosting, sound design and audio & video production for the past four years. During my studies, I also learned how to market a product to an audience, and my marketing campaign for the Dicey Rabble with an organic reach of over 12,000 users per month on social media. This was from scratch with no existing audience behind any of the cast or creators involved. I also learned the finer details of appealing to an audience. Just because I liked the idea, doesn't mean it's what the audience would like. 


Cast member Yoshi Gans also works closely with me on the edits and the sound effects for the Podcast. Yoshi has a background in Gaming Sound Design and even has credits on a few games (such as GRIP: Combat Racing). Banu, Dylan and Nick, while not having a background in production, have an interest in D&D and want to create an enjoyable (and hilarious) story filled with shenanigans and the Game Master's misery. I also worked with artist, Jade Sheerin, who provided incredible character artwork for the project. 


"Leo" - played by Banu

"Ceif" - played by Nick

"Cracksis-1" - played by Dylan

"Elisabeth" - played by Yoshi

This project was my graduating project and I successfully graduated using it. The small team behind it is extremely happy with what we created and we learned a lot. I am sure that I am able to take this knowledge of podcast production and content creation to anyone who may be willing to produce content in the future. 

A map of the world of Eres, the world where the Dicey Rabble takes place.

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