The Dicey Rabble


The Dicey Rabble is a Table-Top Role-Playing Game podcast focused on storytelling through cooperative means. This is also a graduation project and during the project, I will be researching the topic of how TTRPGs can benefit mental health. 


The first season will be focusing on the story of a group of adventurers travelling through the Elysium Empire, a country in the world of Eres. The adventurers will be investigating the strange happenings in the lands as they take on jobs from the Elysian Army. From dancing with dastardly bandits to tangoing with terrifying monsters, the adventures will have to use their strengths to gain the advantage. 


This podcast is not only set to Dungeons & Dragons but has the capability of evolving to other TTRPGs such as Call of Cthulhu and Stars Without Numbers, for example. We have the possibility of experimenting with more TTRPGs in later seasons as well as exploring the whole world of Eres which the first season is set in.


I, Morgan, am a Creative Business student which has worked in storytelling, story world building, podcasts, radio hosting, sound design and production for the past four years. Cast member Yoshi Gans also works closely with me on the edits and the sound effects for the Podcast. Yoshi has a background in Gaming Sound Design and even has credits on a few games (such as GRIP: Combat Racing). Banu, Dylan and Nick, while not having a background in production, have an interest in D&D and want to create an enjoyable (and hilarious) story filled with shenanigans and the Dungeon Master's misery. 

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