The Dicey Rabble


The Dicey Rabble is an Actual Play Table-Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) podcast focused on collaborative storytelling. 

The first season of the Dicey Rabble focuses on the story of a group of adventurers travelling through the Elysium Empire, a country in the world of Eres. The adventurers investigated the strange happenings in the lands as they take on jobs from the Elysian Army. From dancing with dastardly bandits to tangoing with terrifying monsters, the adventures used their strengths to gain the advantage. 


Using my expertise in storytelling, world building and audio production from my study, I was able to develop an actual play podcast series which rewarded me with my Bachelor of Arts degree. I had also created a successful marketing campaign and it garnered an organic reach of over 12,000 users per month on social media. 

I worked closely with some other creatives to help develop some of the audio and visuals for the podcast. Yoshi Gans helped produced the sound effects of the podcast, and has a background in audio engineering in gaming (being credited in  games such as GRIP: Combat Racing). Jade Sheerin provided incredible character artwork for the project. 

"Leo" - played by Banu

"Ceif" - played by Nick

"Cracksis-1" - played by Dylan

"Elisabeth" - played by Yoshi

Character artwork made by Jade Sheerin -

A map of the world of Eres, the world where the Dicey Rabble takes place.

During this production, I wrote a research paper on how TTRPGs and TTRPG content can benefit mental health. TTRPGs proved to be extremely useful in helping development, from understanding social situations to overcoming fear of failure. It also showed to assist in improving understanding with anxiety, depression and even PTSD in some cases. 83% of the participants of the research stated that TTRPGs have improved their mental health and proved to have had a positive impact on their life. 

Listen to the podcast here!

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