The Dicey Rabble - Graduating Project

My graduation project that I am creating for my Creative Business Bachelor's Degree is the Dicey Rabble. It is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast series, creating a story with cooperative storytelling. The Story takes place in a story world of my own making, Eres, and follows a group of adventurers as they investigate strange happenings in the Elysium Empire.


I am working closely with a former NHTV (now Breda University) student, Yoshi Gans. I produce and work on the story world, the storytelling, the hosting, the production and the editing, while Yoshi is an audio consultant for the podcast and sound designer.


I will be running this graduation project from my own company, WillsCreates, and is my first major solo production with no client or university to give me the assignment. 

Concept Storytelling Event - Waterlinie Wandeltocht (Storytelling & Experince Minor)

My project team worked together with the Waterlinie Wandeltocht to develop a new concept which could bring in new customers to the walking tour. Using the hidden stories of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinies, we developed a concept which could tell the story of the locations along the tour in a gripping manner for all to enjoy. 


We developed a concept which could be applied to any of the walking tours, but we focused the tour that went through the Vestingsdriehoek (Gorinchem, Woudrichem, and Slot Loevestein) as the new concept location. 

COLLEGA TOUR - ING (Internship) 

During my internship at the bank, ING, one of my tasks was to edit a monthly vlog called Collega Tour. It was documenting employees at ING and how they dealt with things during COVID. 

During my internship at ING, I also created weekly news update videos, infographics, audio edits, Dutch to English translations, and more.


Live TV Show - Shades of Drag

(Director of Photography & Studio Sound Tech)

During our university assignments, we were tasked with creating a Live TV Show. For this, we focused on the glamorous world of Drag. We interviewed a famous drag queen, Lady Galore, and dealt with filming while following COVID-regulations. The live broadcast was aired on 13th January 2020.



(Specialising in Street Photography)

I started doing photography at 16 but really found my stride in the past few years. I started focusing more on the creative side of Street Photography while learning new skills and techniques to capture moments forever. 

Perskeptive Podcast 

(Host, Producer & Editor)

What started as a university assignment is now a fun passion project. The Perskeptive Podcast is now an irregular show I do in my free time which talks about subjects like true crime, unsolved mysteries and more. It's from the perspective of a skeptic that wants to know more about the unknown. 

HUB Radio

(Host, Producer & Head of Programming)

While at university, we were assigned departments and I was put into radio. I quickly became the head of programming and was responsible for the department. I also hosted the Great British Band Show and the Rock O'Clock show (no longer airing). While doing this, I showed great adaptability and leadership as I lead the team through the first COVID lockdown, all while still creating content. 

Last Chance - Short Film

(Head Writer & Producer)

For university, we had to create a short film. Our film focused on the consequences of substance abuse and was nominated for the "Best Script" award at the Breda University film festival. I was the writer and producer for this project. I also created the poster for our short film.